Twitter Hashtag – A Geeky Question

Jason took the bull by the horns and asked today if we should create a hashtag for Twitter related to this course.  For those folks who don’t use Twitter, it’s a short messaging service that allows you to broadcast out short messages (“tweets”) about your real-time thoughts, inspirations, etc.  A hashtag is a mutually agreed upon label used to link lots of tweets about the same topic together.  The advantage of the hashtag is that it can allow tweets by multiple people to be aggregated in one feed.

Hashtags are usually short acronyms or words.  We’re looking for one that can be more general than just this class, focusing on museum experiences that encourage you to talk to strangers.  I blasted this question out to my Twitter audience:

Creative friends: ideas for a hashtag for a museum experiment in talking to strangers?

Here are some of the early suggestions:

strangertalk, magicvest, museumspeak, museumsocial, socialmuseum, musemeet, musetalk, talk2muse, talk2m, whoRU, randommuse, muserandom, makefriends, findanswers, reachout, talk2others

What do you recommend?

Also, if you use Twitter, please share your username in the comments so we can all link up.  I’m ninaksimon.