April 5 is Coming!

The first day of class is this Sunday.  Here are a few key items to remember:

  1. We will be meeting at the zoo in the Education Center.  Go to the main entrance, tell them you are there for a class, and then go to the Ed Center, which is close to the entrance and well-marked.  We will start at 3pm.
  2. We will be doing the social object experiment on April 5.  This will involve talking to strangers and making objects to connect strangers to each other.  The zoo will be supplying us with some props, but I encourage you to bring any items you think will be useful to use in construction of social objects.  Markers, cardboard, tape etc would be useful.  Also, I hear that stuffed animals are very popular social objects at the zoo.  Be creative.
  3. You will need a way to document your experiments.  You can use notebooks, cameras, phones, etc.  Laptops are probably not great to lug around the zoo but feel free to bring yours for the other parts of the class (not necessary).
  4. By April 6th, you will need to have read chapters 1-3 of Groundswell and documented your zoo experience.
  5. For those who are interested, we’ll have dinner after class on the 5th.  If you have a recommendation for a place, please leave it in the comments.  I’m vegetarian but not militant.

My cell phone number is 831-331-5460 if you get lost or lonely on the 5th.