To All You Art Lovers, Haters, and Creators. Babble on.

Everyone has an opinion on “Art” with a capital  “A”.  As a medium that thrives on relevance, it deserves to be questioned and  commented on,  by everyone. Enter ArtBabble

Art-Bab-ble [ahrt-bab-uhl]
noun; verb (used without object) -bled, -bling

1. free flowing conversation, about art, for anyone.
2. a place where everyone is invited to join an open, ongoing discussion – no art degree required.


Last week the Indianapolis Museum of Art introduced its new content/ community site Art Babble. The IMA’s new site features a number of documentary style in-studios and interviews with artists and museum curators. Working with content from organizations like Art:21, MOMA, New York Public Library, SFMOMA, and the Smithsonian — this forum provides a space for art fans to watch, comment, create, and connect. ArtBabble features popular and recently viewed videos, quotes from artists and users, and a Featured user profile. This interface supports community commentary and helps create a sense of accountability. Anyone can join and each users commentary is “equally valued” regardless of degree or pedigree. As a hybrid archive and social media tool, Art Babble hosts unique, high quality video resources contemporary and modern art. Unlike video-share sites like Vimeo or YouTube, the content on ArtBabble is provided by partner institutions. This puts restrictions on the content, but not the community. Commentators are given a relatively direct video prompt and can chose to respond by writing or marking it as a favorite. This makes the platform and subject matter more approachable and encourages meaningful commentary, as opposed to the comments on YouTube. Even though the platform curates the website’s video content, the community commentary is the primary focus.

picture-8Also featured on their home page is an invite to join their Facebook group. A Social network with a social network. Its like a web 2.0 backdoor. A support forum for a support forum. On Facebook you can post your own arts videos, send art using ArtShare, and continue the dialogue. ArtBabble’s unique platform directs dialogue enough to support its goals but makes it open to everyone who wants to be a part of the conversation. In ArtBabble, the IMA has found a great way to support community, foster relevent dialouge, and promote partnerships with like minded institutions.