Social Media Plan

Kelly and I met with the staff of CWB yesterday to talk about their social media plan. There are 2 groups that the museum is interested in engaging with social technologies – tweens and non-youth visitors – but it looks like we will be working on a plan that targets the non-youth visitors/users. The rationale is that tweens who are “born digital” seem more likely to participate in a forum or to be more proactive in exploring social media opportunities, whereas, non-youth users may be somewhat more hesitant. Once engaged, this group seems more likely to be consumers/users, vs. creators. Currently, CWB has tried a few outreach attempts through platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Flickr, which keeps the Americorp volunteer who administers these sites busy checking multiple sites and accounts. So Kelly and I are looking at a way to centralize their social media, most likely through a blog. We are also thinking that although our projects are separate, it makes sense to both us and the CWB to combine our efforts into one integrated media plan that could address aspects of both projects’ goals.