Response Based Art

Jen Graves, art critic from The Stranger, wrote a post on the SLOG about several participatory art projects (including ours).  Apparently, artist David Hoang is making art based on twitter suggestions.  Another student at the UW, Mario Nima, has a sign on the HUB lawn where she is hoping to create interactive graffiti.  And Sam Brown draws pictures based on what you email him.

The idea of participant-based art is clearly a focus for many, but what makes our project even more exciting (even if I am biased) is that the participation continues within the exhibit.  Instead of taking an idea and producing a result, I like that we are trying to let audience members continously and collaboratively impact the installation.

Our installation isn’t strictly an “art” piece, and I wonder how this kind of continuing impact could be incorporated into exhibits that begin and end with more of an “art” focus.