Draft Social Media Plan for NAAM

Hi everyone!

Here is an abbreviated version of my social medial plan for the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM).  I appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have!  Sorry, I can’t fit all the details in here– too long!  I would especially appreciate thoughts on evaluating the results of the plan.



NAAM wants to decrease member turnover, recruit new members, deepen relationships with existing members and connect to its geographical community.  They have a small staff with very little knowledge of social networking tools, very little time and no money to allocate to this project. Here are the goals of my plan:

•    Deepening relationships with existing members
•    Energizing museum supporters to become and recruit members
•    Building relationships with the surrounding community
•    Providing a point of connection for museum supporters who don’t get to the museum often

Given the limited staff time to begin and maintain this project, I am proposing that it progress in phases.
Phases of Implementation
1    Surveys
2    Staff Plays with Social Media Tools
3    Networking with community partners for content
4    Connecting tools to existing audience.    Having interns leverage existing material into online format
5    Launch an online membership program.    Personalize members interactions

1. I am recommending beginning with surveys to narrow down the needs of the multiple target audiences identified (former NAAM members, current members, potential members), allowing NAAM to hone in on targeted results.  The surveys can be completed with very little expense, and some volunteer time.  I am recommending that board members assist with these in order to build personalized, attentive relationships with the members/donors.  I will provide more details of this in the full report

2. As they have begun to do with Facebook, I recommend that NAAM Staff members begin to engage with selected social media tools.  Doing this gradually will allow NAAM Staff to build their skill set, build an audience and provide a place to connect existing NAAM audience members.  This will also provide time to explore what NAAM audience members can provide to each other, taking some of the burden off of staff, such as videos, photos etc.   Recommended tools: twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube and tumblr.  Eventually may build to a more robust blog site, but that can be connected to tumblr. Details will be in the full report.

3. NAAM has an extensive list of community partners that have interesting content.  The University of Washington professor Quintard Taylor started the wiki Blackpast.org which is a great source of information that could be linked to a NAAM blog.  The Black Heritage Society of Washington has some interesting oral histories and other content.  These are just a couple of possible sources that could provide interesting content for NAAM online.  This would also provide an opportunity to connect with geographical community members, as they may provide blog content about community activities, people or events.

4. NAAM currently has audience members that attend events such as the quilting workshops, jazz breakfast, and school tours. My proposal will include simple, cheap ways to promote NAAM’s online tools to these existing audience members.

This would also be a good time for NAAM interns to complete the project of taking some of NAAM’s great physical content and creating some online content around this. Suggestions will be included in the full report.

5. Launch on online membership program.  At this point, existing audience members will be connecting with the existing online tools. NAAM will have identifid specifically what audience members are seeking.  Modeling after the 1stfans online program at the Brooklyn Museum, NAAM will be equipped to launch an online membership program that deepens the relationship of  members, and provides a place for community both online and in person.

My second recommendation is to create triggers that invite board members to personaly email members at the time of original purchase, as well as around renewal dates and other key events. This is an opportunity to increase personalized contacts, further deepening the relationship with members.

After the phases– Evaluation??  Appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!