This is a page that shows the clients available for the individual social media plan projects.  Each student will work with a local institution to develop a social media plan for an exhibition, program, or other initiative of interest to the client organization.


Seth! Leary, NRG! Exhibits – social media plan creation for any of three traveling exhibitions:

  1. Sustainable Choices is a 1,500-square-foot exhibit that looks at choices made by consumers on a regular basis (groceries, water consumption, waste managment) and the sustainable options of each. (Family audience) KATHRYN

Abigail Guay, Open Satellite (Bellevue) – 1 project

  1. using social media to energize local audiences around public programming ERIN

Betsy Davis, Center for Wooden Boats – 2 projects

  1. Connecting the heritage represented on our docks to a broader wooden boat audience in the world – through on-line forums for wooden boat people to ask and answer questions and potentially do something with google earth. KELLY
  2. The CWB has been collecting ‘great boat stories’ for the Festival shavings.  That could be a kickoff to a sort of Fisherman’s/Sailor’s stories blog on our website where boat enthusiasts from all over can post their best story. SHIN YU

Erin Langer, Seattle Art Museum – 2 or 3 projects – SAM seeks a new social media initiative that integrates social technology with the museum’s collections, exhibitions, and/or programming in a way that is meaningful for Seattle’s young adult (18-35) population.  The parameters for this project are open-ended so that multiple students/groups of students may contribute different plans and ideas. LACE

Margie Maynard, EMP – 1 project – Nevermind community mapping WHITNEY

Rebecca Whitman, Woodlawn Park Zoo – 1 projects

  1. community-driven website for “get outside” campaign – design, promotion, onsite experience JULIE

Lynn Bethke, Museum of Culture and Environment – 1 project

  1. institutional road map/social media plan for moving forward as a museum ALEX

Brian Carter, Northwest African American Museum – 2 projects

  1. The Northwest African American Museum will open a new exhibit, entitled
    East By Northwest, that runs from November 4, 2009-October 10, 2010. This exhibit will explore the recent influx of immigrants from East Africa to the Pacific Northwest. The exhibit will focus primarily on the Ethiopian
    community here in Seattle, looking at the world they left and the world they
    have created here in the Pacific Northwest. As this exhibit focuses
    specifically on the Ethiopian community, we anticipate other African
    immigrant communities feeling left out of the process and the story. There
    are a large number of transplants from Eritrea, Somali and Sudan who
    populate this region as well. We are looking for creative avenues of
    dialogue to engage these communities with our exhibit, providing a safe
    space for constructive relationship building. JAISA
  2. The Northwest African American Museum opened its doors in March 2008. As
    a young Museum we need to increase our membership. Increased membership
    leads to a more vested group of stakeholders, a recurring revenue stream and
    opportunities for growth. We are seeking creative ways to market our
    memberships, reward our members, and retain our members. NICOLE

Keni Sturgeon, Mission Mill Museum

  1. Facing Statehood Exhibit (  This exhibit tells the sesquicentennial story of Oregon.  Can social media provide another platform for discussing this story? KYLIE