Here’s when and where we’re doing our thing.

April 5 – 3-6pm at Woodland Park Zoo

Meet at the zoo at the Education Center at 3pm.  Introductions and class goals, then a partner exercise:
•    Talk to a stranger.
•    Get two strangers to talk to each other.
•    Get two strangers to talk to each other without you talking to them.

Students have one hour to complete these three tasks and must document each of them (cellphone camera, notes).

We will discuss the exhibition project and the expectations (each person has a role, goal of exhibit, exhibit website, etc).

Assignment for April 6: set up a blog.  Write first post documenting zoo experience.  Read chapters 1-3 of Groundswell (if haven’t already)

April 6 – 10am-1pm
Introduction to Social Media
•    Class survey
•    Overview of museums and social media
•    Introduction to class tools
•    Pimp my blog – tracking, aggregating, finding others to follow

Assignment for April 13:
•    select additional book to read (have until May 25 to do so).
•    Select blog to follow.
•    Add to class wiki on ideas for exhibition.
•    Continue reading Groundswell (must complete by April 20).

April 13 – 10am-11am (virtual)
Platform Power.  We will talk about the four key “powers of a platform” and examine online and physical examples.

Assignment for April 20:
•    Complete Groundswell.
•    Select one physical (real world) platform and analyze how it uses its “platform powers.”

April 20 – 10am-11am (virtual)
Groundswell review.  We will discuss your questions and thoughts relative to the book.

Assignment for April 26:
•    Select one Groundswell interaction type to focus on.
•    Read the Museum 2.0 museum review post related to that type.
•    Select a museum program or exhibition of interest and write a social media plan for how that museum could employ the interaction type successfully.

April 26 – 3-6pm at Burke

This two-day session will focus on planning the physical exhibition and introducing the social media plan project.

We will start by discussing the previous week’s assignment and talking about the goals and client options for the individual social media project.

Then, we will work in small groups to detail potential physical platforms for the group exhibition.  Groups will need to consider:
•    Content focus
•    How to attract participation
•    How to measure/evaluate activity
•    How to reward participants
•    How to manage/facilitate the exhibition
Each group will present their concept and the whole group will decide on a course of action, identifying knowns and unknowns.

Assignment for April 27:
•    Come up with one way you think we can improve the concept
•    Come up with one issue we have not addressed, and be prepared to present
•    Think about which role you want to play on the project

April 27 – 10am-1pm at Mary Gates 234
We will spend the day in design meetings around the exhibition, airing issues and articulating the best options for moving forward. We will review a standard exhibit design document.  We will break the project down in terms of the visitor experience and required assets.  Students will split into groups/roles to cover the individual elements.

Roles include:
•    Project manager
•    Exhibit production manager
•    Exhibit designer(s)
•    Content developer(s)
•    Interaction developer(s)
•    Exhibit evaluator(s)
•    Marketing/PR

All students will be involved in the exhibition project, but you will be focused on your role within the team.

Assignment for May 4:
•    Write the design document and goals for your portion of the exhibition.

May 4 – no meeting
We will not have a meeting on May 4, as it falls in AAM. However, this week, the student project manager will collate all of the design documents and distribute them to everyone for review and comment.

Assignment for May 11:
•    Provide comments on design document.

May 11 – 10am-11am (virtual)
Exhibition design document discussion and next steps, led by project manager.

Assignment for May 18:
•    Work on your portion of the exhibit.

May 18 – 10am-11am (virtual)
Exhibition design document discussion and next steps, led by project manager.

Assignment for May 25:
•    Work on your portion of the exhibit.
•    Complete second book and prepare 1-3 key insights you learned from it, especially those that can be applied to the group exhibition.

May 25 – 10am-11am (virtual)
Book discussion about the additional books.

Assignment for June 1:
•    Work on the exhibition.
•    Revise exhibition plan as useful based on book discussion.
•    Complete draft social media plan and publish to website for comment.

June 1 – no meeting
We will not have a meeting on June 1, as it falls in C2. However, each student needs to schedule a one-on-one review of your social media plan with Nina (as well as publishing the draft to the group for comment).

Assignment for June 7:
•    Finish exhibition!
•    Create social media plan presentation!

June 7 – 3pm-6pm
The exhibition will be mounted this weekend.  The afternoon of June 7 marks the end of the exhibition.  This session will be spent documenting and reflecting on the exhibition, and or staging the exhibition itself (depending on the time frame selected by the class for the exhibition).

This session will likely be followed by a celebratory dinner.

June 8 – 10am-1pm
Individuals will present their social media plans in presentation form to clients for review and feedback.  Then, we will discuss next steps to complete the course.

Assignment for June 15:
•    Produce evaluation report and final documentation on exhibition.
•    Produce final social media plan document.
•    Complete course assessment and self-assessment.