We will use a variety of texts during this course, many of which will be self-selected by students.  To check out the links we have assembled, please click here to be taken to all items on Delicious tagged “strangemuse.” And here’s the wiki for the exhibition project. I also highly recommend the WeAreMedia wiki for info on tactics and specific programs for the individual social media projects.

Also if you have a personal blog besides this one where you will be blogging throughout the course, please list it below:

But when it comes to books, we’re focusing on five (of which you are encouraged to read at least two).

All students will (at least pretend to) read Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernhoff.  Find it early, because I will expect you to have read the first section (chapters 1-3) by April 6.  You will have to complete this book by April 20.

All students should also select one additional book from the following list (to be read by May 25):

  • Taking on the System by Markos Zuniga – about how Web 2.0 changes progressive politics and activism
  • Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky – about how Web 2.0 systems allow people to self-organize
  • Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins – about participatory fan culture (reality TV, Harry Potter)
  • Born Digital by John Palfrey – about the generation of kids who have never known life without the Internet, and legal issues

If you want to recommend other books to add to the “additional” list, please do so in the comments below.  The books should be about how social technology relates to cultural change, not just marketing or business.